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This looks interesting. I wonder if it is possible to get a save file that will act as a height map?  I play Wurm Unlimited and it is possible to create maps for that game but the map generator I have is difficult for me to get the results I like. As I understand it, if I can get a heightmap, it should be usable.I think the range is 0-4096 but I can't say for certain.  Thanks!


Could you make it html


damn too bad there isnt a linux ver


Another interesting take on tectonic simulation and it's good to be able to guide the simulation whilst letting it generate reasonably natural features. It does seem to pile up mountains in the middle of continents like a Perlin fractal though - but also it doesn't use a spherical map but a wrap-around rectangle which would map in 3d to a torus. Address these things and it's a cracker.


Hi. Your software is awesome. Is there a possibility that you could include the controls inside the software as a list. You could put a button to show/hide controls. Or a text that says "press key to show/hide controls". I think that would make the controls easier.
Thanks for your software!


This is wonderful.


Any chance you can also provide source?

I don't like downloading random binaries, esp. for Windows. Only have Linux and Mac.


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I'm sorry, but is there a tutorial? I know it sound dumb, but I just can't understand how this program works. I only ever manage to get large bodies of water, surrounded by land on the four sides. How do I get islands/continents like the ones in the pictures? When drawing on the core, am I supposed to draw a line or a plate? And what is the point of filling a section of the drawing?


Hey, there's no tutorial, but think of the lines you draw as being the bottom of the ocean trenches. If you're always getting one body of water in the middle of the map, try making your lines wrap around the top and sides (You can pan the map around with right click). And there's no specific point in filling a section of the drawing, it's just one of the random tools I decided to add. Experiment!

Ok, I'll give it a try. Thanks!

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This is beyond fantastic. Is there any way to 'lower' terrain? Sometimes it seems as if erode is having no effect at all at lowering, though it seems to beautifully 'roughen' terrain.

Edit: Even if you don't come back to this, it remains an awesome little piece of software. Thank you.


Is there any way to import B&W png/img files instead of drawing? i think it would be cool to drag in photos and see how they turn out. very cool tool 10/10

Yeah that's cool


thats so awesome. i love it

Looks Cool.The Graphics could improve worlds! ( A deffrent Game )

how do you even gat on the game?

Just download, unzip it to a folder on your computer and run little_world_generator.exe

Can you add a mechanic for separation and movement of tectonic plates somehow?

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Detailed tectonic simulation like that isn't really in the scope of this project. It's more for making quick worlds from drawings. However, I've found that Tectonics.js works really well with heightmaps exported from little world generator. You can save a heightmap by pressing H and then S, and import it into tectonics.js to run continental drift simulations.

You could check Songs of the Eons on itchio if you want detailed plate tectonics. Tho, SotE doesn't let you draw on the map.

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Is there any possibility for this to be released for Mac? I can use WINE but it'd be easier...

EDIT: Wine seems to not work, encountering a "serious error"

As soon as I get my hands on a mac development machine I will try to release a build. 


This is such an amazing tool! I hope you keep developing it.


if you add the ability to stop the simulation it would cool.


Hi, in the latest version you can now press space bar again to pause the simulation :)


amazing generator, but the image saving does not seem to be working

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Sorry you're having trouble with the save functions. Have you tried running as an administrator, or making sure your antivirus isn't blocking the program? I've had a couple of other people mention this problem but I haven't been able to replicate it on my end yet.

EDIT: Try looking for your save file in C:\Users(your user name)\AppData\Local\procgen. That has worked for some people.