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thats so awesome. i love it

Looks Cool.The Graphics could improve worlds! ( A deffrent Game )

how do you even gat on the game?

Just download, unzip it to a folder on your computer and run little_world_generator.exe

Can you add a mechanic for separation and movement of tectonic plates somehow?

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Detailed tectonic simulation like that isn't really in the scope of this project. It's more for making quick worlds from drawings. However, I've found that Tectonics.js works really well with heightmaps exported from little world generator. You can save a heightmap by pressing H and then S, and import it into tectonics.js to run continental drift simulations.

You could check Songs of the Eons on itchio if you want detailed plate tectonics. Tho, SotE doesn't let you draw on the map.

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Is there any possibility for this to be released for Mac? I can use WINE but it'd be easier...

EDIT: Wine seems to not work, encountering a "serious error"

As soon as I get my hands on a mac development machine I will try to release a build. 


This is such an amazing tool! I hope you keep developing it.


if you add the ability to stop the simulation it would cool.


Hi, in the latest version you can now press space bar again to pause the simulation :)


amazing generator, but the image saving does not seem to be working

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Sorry you're having trouble with the save functions. Have you tried running as an administrator, or making sure your antivirus isn't blocking the program? I've had a couple of other people mention this problem but I haven't been able to replicate it on my end yet.

EDIT: Try looking for your save file in C:\Users(your user name)\AppData\Local\procgen. That has worked for some people.