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Damn, this is the precursor to Webbed? Webbed was a great game, heavily recommend to anyone coming across this page!


Do I eat flies in an ordinary manner?

No. I eat my food as one gigantic ball:

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you do bad thing you go in COURT

then you go in JAIL

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No flys are safe


who likes my house and car?


Sacrifice for the spider gods

the children are hungry, stephen



mother and child

lol spider  do be flying after dis smol thingy


the flys in a 10000 chance to get dis

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acorn fly car

Sisyphus meme 

trying to like make a acorn act like a fly

dis is the demo


hahaha flys finna be ded fr


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How could I run this in html5 on chromebook without messing with linux, or any other way to play the file

Grey box testing bug

 EXTRA EXTRA! free flies for everyone!

how much for one

21 days of waiting please! you already did that so...its free!


Wow such cool web

howed you get ther

I bought the game and played the game up until this point



i caught and wrapped about 8 flies and hung them from a branch as a sacrifice to the spider gods. it would have been even more but alas, the page reloaded. i hope the spider gods are pleased nonetheless

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i spent 30 mins to make these stairs it fell over and i got tired of it falling over so i used my web to hold it down




idk how this is possible  😮😮😮😁

i did with flys

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how do you make videos on a windows pc?



sigh* not this again

uh xD


how am i supposed play bug ball if its stuck


this is very hard to do


yeah right


it is cus the fly flys away from u and then you have to drag them back

burning pain as always


i didn't mean to do this

give it!!!

u can hover by doing this

who has move all of the acorns in one place just to move it to another place the longest way possible


uh theres a glich where u can make the string go though things by making it heavy 


Web of Fury

mission impossible music

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