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what is game engine?


i need more of this so bad!


wow cool  the physics

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This is really quite a fun and interesting little prototype. I've always had a fondness for the idea of a spider based game, or spider simulator and you've really got a nice fluid web building style, not to mention the subtle animations in the spider's body movements and legs. I really enjoyed it.


If only I could eat the flies I've cought!

Don't worry, that's on the list :)


This would make an awesome Spider simulator game!!, where you could shoot webs, catch and trap flies, or just have fun!

This is really cute. My favorite are the legs. So skittery! Haha
Would make for a fun "sling to the goal" kind of game.

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Fun concept!
I played around for a few minutes. I really like the bezier curves when launching the web.
I don't really get the goal of the laser eyes though

There's really no goal to any of this, but I enjoy flying the spider around with the laser eyes and parachute :)

I get it, sometimes you just need a break from that vampire game you're making ;D