This is a very early prototype of the spider for Webbed. There is no goal and it may be full of bugs. Pun fully intended.

You can buy the full game on steam now:


  • A,D - Walk
  • Space - Jump/Parachute
  • Left Mouse - Hold to web grapple.
  • Right Mouse - Hold to start weaving a web at one point and release to attach to a second point.
  • W,A,S,D On Web - Web Walk
  • E - Shoot laser to stun flies, shake branches, break webs, and pick acorns
  • Web stunned flies to tie them up
  • Ctrl+R - Reset
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(85 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Shooter, Simulation
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Sandbox, spider, webbed
Average sessionA few minutes


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I finally got them to meet each other and they were so overjoyed they both started shaking!!

I'm very happy for them :D

This is what a real spider does.

found 'em :)

all ten acorns! 🕷️ spooder boi :)

Ultimate trap for flies

hi. how to make a web to catch flies?

im on a macbook. plus im bad at thiss lol



Got 'em all!

I made a bed

I made a storage room


nice curtain



okay so I think i've gathered EVERY acorn in the map/playground. Please let me know if this is all of them!

(1 edit) (+1)

yep, you’ve gotten all 10 acorns


A web game without fullscreen is not a web game. Because you didn't add a fullscreen function, I was forced to script it for myself using tampermonkey.

pretty sure it is still a web game tho :|

I want to thank you for Webbed. I had a surgery to remove my 4 wisdom teeth, and I was super scared, even pretty bad after the extraction, It did not go  smoothly.

The beautiful, wholesome and relax nature of the game help me out a bunch during these days.

So yeah, thank you very much to everyone that worked in it. :D

You help this young man mental state a lot :D


Can you please make mobile controls


It would be cool if you could make egg sacks ad have baby spiders in your web

the webs are to wobble can you pls make  a stiff one by pressing shift while right clicking

will the game be free or do you have to pay for it?

i think you have to pay for it

This is correct

Deleted 34 days ago

I wonder what species this spider we play as is,  it looks a lot like a peppered jumping spider.

it would be cool if you could change what kind of jumping spider you looked lik


To get good do target practice


i made a realistic web

(1 edit) (+2)

i made an ugly web

this was harder than i thought

mr ghost, you have skill

very cool stuff!

could you guys open the steam demo back up?


Kind of laggy :/


Did you know that you can get to the top of the map without using any webs, or the arrow keys? Hehe.

Can you do it without E :)


I'm sure that theoretically, one could allow the two flies to move in just a specific way to move you into a clear spot, and then let you jump on them for like 70 times in a row, but that's ridiculous. 

Deleted 353 days ago

yes - i did it once by getting my leg stuck in the side of the map, then repeatly jumping. it took a while, though


I Love this game very much  I am waiting it on steam if it is free

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My flies keep spinning. 


Another photo

I also went to space 

I love this game. (I'm not sarcastic. This is a cool game.)


edit 2: the flies spin WITHOUT a web tying them together

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could you update the demo plz    like  updating the graphics or add some other creatures like ants or baby spiders? and the game keeps crashing could you try to fix that as  well?


Sorry, this is just a prototype and isn't going to be getting any updates. I'm putting all my development energy into Webbed right now. I hope you'll agree that it's worth it once the full game comes out :)


Ok thanks, the game  is looking great, I cant wait to play it!


There is a bug where you can web an acorn, jump and pull it upward, jump again, over and over, and basically fly.


you can get to the roof with a web and yourself lol


This is a game with amazing concepts and execution.



how much money will this cost bc i play this game every day


I made a balloon 

 My balloon popped :( 



i wish there was an alternative option to make a web for mac:((



i tied them all!!!!!!!!


hes so cuteeee




i did a bottle flip with a fly but i had to create an account to chat so i lost the picture...also i dont know how to screenshot on a chromebook...but if someone does a fly flip tell me :)


you press ctr+shift+the button that looks like [   ]||


never mess with me

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