This is a very early prototype of the spider for Webbed. There is no goal and it may be full of bugs. Pun fully intended.

You can wishlist the full game on steam now:


  • A,D - Walk
  • Space - Jump/Parachute
  • Left Mouse - Hold to web grapple.
  • Right Mouse - Hold to start weaving a web at one point and release to attach to a second point.
  • W,A,S,D On Web - Web Walk
  • E - Shoot laser to stun flies, shake branches, break webs, and pick acorns
  • Web stunned flies to tie them up
  • Ctrl+R - Reset


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could you update the demo plz    like  updating the graphics or add some other creatures like ants or baby spiders? and the game keeps crashing could you try to fix that as  well?

Sorry, this is just a prototype and isn't going to be getting any updates. I'm putting all my development energy into Webbed right now. I hope you'll agree that it's worth it once the full game comes out :)

Ok thanks, the game  is looking great, I cant wait to play it!

There is a bug where you can web an acorn, jump and pull it upward, jump again, over and over, and basically fly.

This is a game with amazing concepts and execution.



how much money will this cost bc i play this game every day

I made a balloon 

i wish there was an alternative option to make a web for mac:((


i tied them all!!!!!!!!


hes so cuteeee


i did a bottle flip with a fly but i had to create an account to chat so i lost the picture...also i dont know how to screenshot on a chromebook...but if someone does a fly flip tell me :)


you press ctr+shift+the button that looks like [   ]||

never mess with me

I got the demo

Really enjoyed your Steam demo of your upcoming game. The spider is really cute, and I have arachnophobia! :D It was really relaxing swinging around, and making your own complex webs was a lot of fun. Really looking forward to the full game. Great work taking this from Laser Spider Playground to Webbed. Thanks for the demo.

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Fun fact: a fly can fly through the ground and free friends there.

i wish i was alive when this demo was out


how did you get into the game?

demo in steam

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how do i get the demo

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It's no longer possible. The festival is over.

I suggest looking for a demo on the Internet.

i searched for quater an hour.

I have no idea where to download.

steam isnt giving the demo anymore


HOW much will it COST

i tried to break the game

Did it work?




I put up every acorn as a decor


i like your style friend



I expanded to balloons

Great to see things are coming along for the full game.


also i would like it if u could walk on walls


found a flying bug . if u have the parashute on and laser sideways u can fly to top of map. i dont now if u already know,  


why would you tell em we need this


oh fuck. right

so you find flies

I would love if i could like  make better webs. everytime i make one its not exacet were i want it to be



Yeah that's definitely an issue in this version. It will be fixed in the full game

love u 



What an incredible future you will have with this game (I hope you have) the game on Steam for the videos will be incredible I am very anxious!

I noticed there is a version of this on steam! I can't wait!

This game can have an incredible future if you update!

Sometimes we need sacrifices. . .Às vezes, precisamos de sacrifícios.  .  .


u good bro?

Please update please plsssssssssssss


My friend has a phobia of flies but no brain


please update please

i wish it was a key to make webs instead of the mouse

is there no sound?


Time to make some sacrifices to Satan...

all i got is a macbook but the game is only for windows, could there be a way for it to go on both platforms??



i have some ideas for this game , one object or goal of the game could be to climb to a castle in the sky , way up , and use the flys and sling shots to navigate puzzle like environments , there could be rain , and wind that makes its harder to navigate !!!

I cant download the game


I wish this game had controller support

Ever tried JoyToKey?


I have been playing this for a hour now 😂

yo this can be like a parkour type game if you put obstacles

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here's his twitter btw ))

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