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Bloodrite is a game I was working on for a while in 2019 and early 2020, but I was never really able to make it very fun. 

You play as a vampire on the run from a ruthless anti-magic militia known as The Hunt. The goal is to make it to the Well of the Old Blood on the other side of the country, but none of that quest stuff is really implemented.

The game is not finished and probably never will be, but it has some neat stuff in it.

Feel free to try to play through what's there, or Press Ctrl+Y for the cheat spawn menu.

Items spawn codes:

  • blood_bottle
  • bat_form
  • wolf_form
  • rat_form
  • mist_form
  • bloodsense
  • corpse_explosion
  • raise_corpse
  • raise_corpse_scroll
  • undead_army_scroll
  • resurrection_scroll
  • portal_scroll
  • brainwash
  • fear
  • bat_form_scroll
  • corpse_explosion_scroll
  • bomb
  • smoke_bomb
  • fire_bomb
  • web_bomb
  • throwing_knife
  • grappling_claw
  • blink
  • blood_amulet
  • steel_claws
  • swift_gloves
  • heavy_claws
  • armoured_tunic
  • heavy_plate
  • gem_of_influence
  • dragons_eye
  • hunt_badge
  • moonlight_lantern
  • mask_of_many_faces
  • dash
  • invisibility_potion
  • ankh
  • shadow_aura
  • terrifying_visage
  • charming_presence
  • necromancy
  • boon_of_blades
  • boundless_energy
  • giants_strength
  • toxic_blood
  • sadomasochism
  • unending_thirst
  • blood_essence
  • lightning_rod
  • rainstick
  • ascension
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Tags2D, abandonware, Horror, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Vampire


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What is the game engine used.Any ways this game is very good. With a bit more improvements this will be awesome.

Seems like a very promising game. I'd love a ending for this game. Please continue it! :)

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i came to "well of the old blood" , I think that is the end but i don't know how to get ending :(

Hey! Like I said in the description, there is no ending. The game is unfinished :/

Sorry I forgot about that :D , this game so cool. I can't wait for next update !

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wow ... love it please continue this project