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Great concept, really fun!

This is so cool



Hello , I really like your game, but i find a bug : when the mouse goes far enough of the game, the black disapear, and we can see all without black.

I really liked this concept but I feel bad for the creature. I lped it!

That was cool, I like it alot.



incredible animation of creature


Really love the concept you are going for here, though due to the game's short length it leaves a lot of potential untapped but serves as an excellent proof of concept for what could be.
As always I love seeing such fun games and concepts from the work of Sbug.

Great video as always, and really helpful feedback!

I did try to make individual sounds for eating all the objects but they came out too cartoony and then I ran out of time. Oh well, that's just the nature of game jams I suppose.

Thanks I appreciate it~
Heh, yeah I imagine gamejams are rough with the short deadlines and all. On one hand it can produce surprising gems but on the other it's a pain to have it looming.

Cool game but the ending was a bit underwhelming tbh

cool game

Very good job, i love the art!

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awesome game 100% would recommand you to play it

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Hey! It's still not finished. LD compo doesn't end for another 16 more hours. Feel free to check back then :)


Okay, now it's done!

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