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do more please

please make more i love this so much

nice, but there is no ending

I really like it! Fun short and with an interesting art

really enjoyed this its a decent small time killer 


ppppppllllllleeaaaaaaassseeee update


threw the people into the air and fell into the trap.


Great game but i'd love if it had an ending


Gross and disgusting


that's redundant and the point of the game to boot

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make it have more upgrades pls. If I could code I would add stuff to this and send them to sbug also how does the files work I wanna play it fullscreen

Rally cool. Loved the gameplay and art.

Found a game design flaw where clicking non stop on the gear trap was easier than dragging humans to the cauldron.

love the graphics!

Simple but such a rewarding game haha amazing!

I love how nobody sees ahead people getting picked up and thrown into a cauldron lol


Love the art and sound, specifically the boiling noises!! would love love way more upgrades, but maybe you will do a version 2?

Thanks, I might add more to it later. Ran out of time a bit with this one.